Company Case Studies

“Bob Sample & Associates fulfilled an extensive title and due diligence role for DoublePoint Energy, LLC. The experience and dedication of BSA’s staff enabled us to make quick and informed decisions while working some of the most complex titles in the core Midland Basin.”

Cody Campbell

Co-CEO DoublePoint Energy, LLC and Double Eagle Energy Holdings III, LLC


Bob Sample & Associates has worked virtually exclusively for Double Eagle, and its affiliates, since 2014, one of the most successful private companies in the industry during that time. BSA assisted Double Eagle in its effort to build large, contiguous, and highly marketable acreage positions in some of the most fractured and impenetrable titles in the core Midland Basin, from inception to completion.

In April of 2017, Double Eagle successfully executed a $2.8 billion sale to Parsley.
Of late, BSA’s role as lead broker for DoublePoint Energy, LLC led to the successful assembly of over 95,000 +/- primarily contiguous acres in the core Midland Basin resulting in a May of 2021 sales transaction with Pioneer Natural Resources valued at $6.4 billion.

Throughout this period, Double Eagle has been second to none in terms of both success and volume of transactions in its effort to create unparalleled value. Most notably, BSA was relied upon and trusted by DoublePoint Energy to assist their in-house team with the due diligence of nearly every acquisition and trade. Notwithstanding traditional mineral and leasehold ownership, drillsite title and curative tasks, other crucial roles included BSA reviewing the source of title for every acquisition to determine critical wells on a lease basis across the entire asset in order to identify and track notice and reassignment provisions as well as reverter or lease/assignment termination as a consequence of obligations stated in unrecorded agreements in addition to those stated in record title.

In this industry, you learn predominantly through volume. BSA has seen more volume, working in this capacity, than all of our competition.

“I have used Bob Sample & Associates as my primary broker for 12 years. In that time, BSA has consistently handled the most difficult title and curative work, allowing wells to be drilled in a timely fashion and while avoiding costly drilling schedule delays. Their crew of seasoned landmen can be depended on to provide the most accurate and detailed title reports and runsheets, saving expensive attorneys’ fees.”

Joe Harris, CPL

Senior Land Advisor, Devon Energy


“Bob Sample & Associates has worked for me performing quick and accurate leasehold ownership reports throughout the Spraberry Field in the Midland Basin. BSA’s team of land professionals can be relied upon for reporting the mature mineral and leasehold title.”

Tim Prout,

Sr. Staff Landman, Devon Energy

Bob Sample & Associates has built a strong reputation working for Devon, and some of its predecessors by merger, including the “Pioneer of Horizontal Drilling” George Mitchell of Mitchell Energy in a run that has lasted for more than 15 years. BSA helped Mitchell, and subsequently Devon, assemble the largest position in the Barnett Shale through aggressive leasing and acquisition campaigns. Throughout the years, BSA has been contracted to work the Barnett Shale, East Texas, South Texas, Midland Basin, Delaware Basin, Central Basin Platform, Panhandle, among other wildcat pursuits for Devon.

“We’ve used Bob Sample & Associates for several years and trust their dedicated staff for the most reliable title reports covering the most complex areas. Often, BSA is used for time-sensitive requests and consistently preempts exposure due to title defects and curative requirements, which allows MCM to negotiate optimal terms and exploit opportunities that may not have initially been on our radar. BSA’s proficient team has an aptitude for seeing the big picture, which is advantageous in such highly competitive plays.”

Matthew Chitwood

Vice President of Land, MCM Energy Partners, LLC


MCM is a privately held oil and gas company located in the heart of the Permian Basin in Midland, Texas. MCM engages in the exploration, acquisition, development and production of domestic oil and gas properties with a primary focus on the Permian Basin. MCM and its principals have successfully grown into leaders in the oil and gas industry since the company’s formation in 2009, with multiple transactions exceeding well over $100M collectively.

“We trust Bob Sample & Associates with our acquisition due diligence and transactional title needs. They consistently do a great job of diving into the details without losing sight of the larger goals. They are adaptive to each project they are assigned, providing a collaborative approach to analyzing the best way to tackle the job in an efficient, cost effective and reliable manner. They are able to simulate the client’s perspective in rather complicated transactions, making them feel like a true partner in the process.”

Daniel C. Przyojski, Jr., J.D.

Land Manager, Taylor Companies/Kimbell Royalty Group


Founded on ethics and investment discipline in 1998 between a small group of Fort Worth-based investors, Kimbell Royalty Partners, LP has grown from a single investment in the Permian Basin to one of the largest owners of minerals and royalties nationwide. Kimbell’s portfolio includes over 13 million gross acres in 28 states and in every major onshore basin in the continental United States, including ownership in more than 97,000 gross wells with over 41,000 wells in the Permian Basin. Kimbell became a publicly-traded company in February 2017, trading on the NYSE under the ticker symbol KRP.

“We rely almost exclusively on Bob Sample & Associates for our contract land needs. From acquisition due diligence to more traditional drillsite and curative projects emanating from a fast-paced drilling program, they’ve handled it all. BSA’s deep understanding, acumen and commitment allows for a level of trust as if they are an extension of our own-in house team. Their vast knowledge and awareness of a client’s potential exposure under lease provisions, contractual obligations, reassignment and/or reversionary implications contained in both record title and unrecorded agreements, is a valuable resource when navigating mature areas.”

Bruce Hightower

Vice President of Foreland Investments, LP, a Subsidiary of Triple Crown Resources, LLC


Foreland has assembled and developed significant positions in the Southern Midland Basin within the Permian Basin region of West Texas.

“We trust Bob Sample & Associates with our acquisition and transactional due diligence needs. BSA’s team of landmen understand the big picture and always take a cost effective approach, which is essential for buying minerals and royalties. BSA can dive into a busy abstract and quickly identify the source title chain for our sellers while also presenting any title defects and/or competing claims for us to consider. Sometimes, BSA will even identify new opportunities for us to pursue through heirship research specific to our original seller.”

Ross Nobles

Flatland Mineral Fund, LP, NH Energy, LLC


Flatland Minerals is a long-term holder and end buyer of minerals and royalties funded by private investors. Flatland acquires properties from $5,000.00 to $50 million and are open to purchasing all, or just a portion, or producing or non-producing minerals. Flatland invests in the following areas: Permian Basin, Stack/Coop, Hanesville and DJ Basin.

“Regions Energy has relied on Bob Sample & Associates for 5+ years in a title, leasing and due diligence capacity. BSA’s experienced team consistently identifies opportunity, helps us navigate potential exposure, and has secured leases for us at attractive entry levels before our competition. BSA’s efforts have supported our ability to maximize value in our past divestitures.”

Travis Newkumet

CEO and Co-Founder Regions Permian LLC and Regions Energy LLC


In 2015, Bob Sample & Associates was contracted by Regions to help acquire and build a position in the core Midland Basin, which led to a sale to Parsley Energy. In a subsequent effort, Regions contracted BSA to do the same which led to a sale to a Denver-Based Private E&P in 2019.

“I have used Bob Sample & Associates for years and trust them with my title work and due diligence needs.”

Trey Horkey

Land Manager, Silver Creek Oil & Gas


Over the years, Bob Sample & Associates has helped assemble drillable acreage positions through both leasehold acquisition and leasing campaigns in North Texas, the Permian Basin, and the Panhandle. BSA continues to work around Silver Creek’s drill schedule to assist in the development of its assets.